House Points Award Winners

Week Ending 14th July 2017

House Point Winners

This week's Housepoint Winners are Scott .

Well done for all your hard work this week.

Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded Gold Certificates this week :

Amelia 4NK
Libby 4NK
Samuel 4NK
Henry 4NK
Maddison 4S
Eddie 4T
Aayla 4S
Olivia 4S
Sian 4S
Ruby 4S
Nic 4S
Jessie 4S
Addison 4S
Aaliyah 5B
Raia 5H
Rishi 5H
Maisie 5H
Phoebe 5H
Theo 5H
Zara 5H
Lucy 5H
Justin 5H
Charlie 5H
Katie 5H
Max 5H
Jayden 5H
Nathan 5H
Yasmeen 6M
Amelia 6M
Daniel D 6M
Daniel G 6M
Sancia 6M
Isabelle 6RW
Emily 6RW
Alex 6M