How can you get involved?

There is an Annual General Meeting(AGM) held during the school year. This is held during the school year. This is held every year to elect the key members of the committee and to inform others of previous and future activities. It is an opportunity for people to receive copies of PTA accounts as well as reviewing fiscal information for the past year and asking any questions regarding the directions the PTA will take in the future. It is the most formal of the meetings held and is open to anyone who wishes to attend. It's a great opportunity to find out what's going on and also for you to share your ideas.

More informal meetings are held throughout the school years to discuss and organise upcoming events. Anyone is welcome to attend who wishes to find out what the PTA are doing. If you feel able to attend regularly then your input and enthusiasm would be greatly appreciated.

We fully appreciate that people have busy lives, many of you are juggling work and family commitments, the PTA values any involvement. Some PTA members are able to commit a significant amount of time to arranging planned events whilst others are happy to help out 'on the day'.

Any assistance or contribution is welcome. Involvement from parents and carers is crucial to the PTA's existence, effectiveness and continuation.