Newsletter November 2016

Dec. 2, 2016, 11:41 a.m.

Dear Parents/Carers,
Ofsted Report
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have contacted us with positive feedback and kind words of encouragement following our recent Ofsted inspection. The staff and I really appreciate you taking the time to offer your support. We do welcome your comments and would like to draw your attention to the ‘Parents View’ tab on the Parents Page of our school website
Golden Mile
On Thursday 6th & Friday 7th October the children took part in the Golden Mile Fundraising Event in the school playground. We are delighted to announce that we raised £1454. This will go towards the cost of having our playground resurfaced and relined so that it is a safer and more enjoyable place for our children at playtimes and lunchtimes.

Children In Need
On Friday 18th November the school participated in the Children in Need event by having a non-uniform day. We asked the children to donate £1 and come to school dressed in something spotty. We raised £315 on the day for the charity.

Boys Football Match
Unfortunately we lost our recent football match against Oakfields Montessori 3-0 but were sent the following message from the school's football coach.

"i just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you! The match this evening was lovely to ref and follow. You have a great team and the boys are all so polite. They are a credit to yourself and the school."

We are so proud of our team for a solid effort at the game and for justifying such complimentary feedback from another school.

Mrs. King and Mr. Leslie

On Wednesday 23rd November some of the children took part in dodgeball training as part of the Change for Life programme at Hornchurch Sports Centre. Pupils learnt to play dodgeball, work as a team and teach it to younger children. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session. Well done to all the children involved and a big thank you again to the parents for helping out.
Mrs N Chestnutt
We were lucky enough to have some light feathered visitors over the past two weeks. Siara from ‘Owl Time’ brought along a few of her owls and the children were able to watch a presentation from the team, along with a flying demonstration from some of the owls. It was a very enjoyable experience and afterwards the children had a photo with one of the owls which will be available to purchase at the Christmas Bazaar on Friday. Each class then produced some follow up work in their English, Art or Science lessons.
Mrs Bradley.

Dates for the Diary

2nd Christmas Bazaar 3.15 – 5.30pm
6th & 7th FOSH Christmas present selling
9th Y4 to Colchester Castle
Y5 to Queens Theatre (am)
13th Y3 Carol Singing to parents in playground at 3.15pm
14th Y4 Christmas Performance to Parents at 2.15pm
Y5 Carol Singing to parents in playground at 3.15pm
15th Y4 Christmas Performance to Parents at 6.30pm
Y6 Carol Singing to parents in playground at 3.15pm
20th Christmas Dinner
21st Christmas Jumper Day
Last Day of Term
January 2017
3rd Inset Day
4th Children return to school

With all good wishes,

Mrs M Shipton