October 2017 Newsletter

Oct. 20, 2017, 2:35 p.m.

Dear Parents/Carers, It has been a busy half term in school. The children and staff have all been working very hard and we are delighted with how well all our new children have settled into school. Housepoints Congratulations to Farah who are Housepoint winners this half term. Children in Farah are invited to wear home clothes to school on Monday 30th October. Children in other houses must come to school in their school uniform. Golden Mile On Thursday 12th & Friday13th October the children took part in the Golden Mile Fundraising Event in the school playground. The children had great fun completing their laps and all money raised will go towards improving the playground. Some of you have already sent in your sponsorship money but may we please kindly request that any remaining sponsorship money is brought into school by Friday 3rd November. Premier Sports are collecting all the money and will present the school with a cheque for the amount raised. They will also present certificates and relevant prizes to the children in assembly. Jeans for Genes Thank you to all those children who came into school wearing jeans and donated £1 for the charity. We are delighted to announce that we raised £259.50 Harvest Thank you to everyone who kindly donated food for our Harvest celebration this year. All the donations will be taken to the Harold Hill Food Bank for distribution. Also, it was lovely to see so many Year 3 parents come along to support our Harvest assemblies this week. Bikeability Congratulations to those children who took part in bikeability training in school last week. The children were awarded their certificates in assembly this morning. We were delighted that the instructors commented that the children were all very well behaved and listened attentively to instructions. Remembrance We will be selling poppies in school from Monday 30th October onwards. Children may bring in their donations to purchase a poppy up until Friday 10th November. Attendance and Punctuality Unfortunately we are still experiencing several children arriving late for school in the mornings. As a school, we work hard to promote good attendance and punctuality. When the children come into school in the morning, they sit down to complete some early morning work to revise key concepts. If children are late to school, it means that they miss this vital revision time. We ask that all pupils are in the playground no later than 8.45 am each morning. This allows them five minutes to put away their things before beginning their work for the day. The gates at the front and back of the school are closed promptly at 8.50am. Therefore any children arriving after this time will have to enter via the school office and will be marked as late. If a child is persistently late we will contact their parents by letter in the first instance to make them aware that we are monitoring the situation. However if their punctuality does still not improve, parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the Education Welfare Officer. If your child is absent please either call the school office on 01708 446472 and choose option 1 to leave a voicemail message or option 4 if you need to speak to a member of staff. Alternatively, please e-mail absence@shj.havering.sch.uk with details of your child’s absence. Appointments Appointments (eg GP, dentist) should, where possible, be arranged outside of school hours. Where it is unavoidable and appointments have to be made during school hours, the school should be notified in advance. The appointment card or a note is acceptable. Parents are requested to minimise the amount of teaching time that is lost as a result of such appointments, by registering their child for the first lesson if the appointment is not until later in the morning / afternoon and ensuring that they return to school as soon as possible following the appointment. P.E. Kit There are a number of children who do not have a P.E. kit in school. We have a very limited amount of spare P.E. kit in school to loan to children. Please therefore ensure that your child always has the following items in school so that they do not have to miss their P.E. lessons: GIRLS. BOYS. Leotard or T-shirt (white) and red shorts. T-shirt (white) and red shorts. Black Plimsoles. Black Plimsoles. OUTDOOR: (Playground) T-shirt (white) and red shorts or games skirt. Red shorts, T-shirt (white). Dark Plain Tracksuits. (cold weather) Dark Plain Tracksuits (cold weather) New Menu Children will be bringing home tonight a copy of the new Havering Catering Services School Dinner menu which starts on Monday 30th October. This can also be viewed on our website and in our noticeboards at the front and back of school. sQuid We would like to remind parents to regularly top up their sQuid accounts for payment of school dinners. Unfortunately we have a number of parents who have allowed their child’s sQuid account to fall into arrears. As we are not able to withstand these debts with Havering Catering Services we will no longer be able to supply children with a school dinner if their sQuid account has fallen into arrears of £4.40 or more. Parents will be required to supply a packed lunch from home each day until the sQuid account is credited to clear the debt. As payment for all school trips will also be required via sQuid we would like to urge all parents to ensure that they have registered for their sQuid online payment account. If you are having difficulty registering your sQuid account or require assistance please call the school office to arrange to come into school and a member of the team will help you. Also, we have arranged for a representative from sQuid to be present at our Open Evenings on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd November who will also be able to assist any parents who have not yet registered their child’s sQuid account. Dates for the Diary October 23rd - 27th Half term November 1st Reading workshop for parents (Improve fluency) 9am 1st Open Evening for parents 3.30pm – 5pm 2nd Open Evening for parents 3.30pm – 6.30pm 6th Maths workshop for parents (Fractions) 9am 6th FOSH AGM Infant Hall 2.30pm 10th FOSH Cake Sale After School 15th SATS meeting for Yr6 parents 6pm 16th Flu Immunisations ( Forms to follow) 17th Reading workshop for parents (challenging more able readers) 2.15pm 20th Maths workshop for parents 9am ( measurement) 24th Parents Forum 2.15pm 29th Maths morning for parents 9am December 4th Maths workshop for parents (Geometry, shape& space) 9am 6th Yr4 Christmas Play to parents 6.30pm 7th Yr4 Christmas Play to parents 6.30pm 8th Christmas Bazaar 3.15pm – 5pm 12th Yr6 Christmas carols in the playground 13th Yr5 Christmas carols in the playground 14th Yr3 Christmas carols in the playground 19th Yr4 Christmas carols in the playground 20th Last day of term January 2nd Inset Day 3rd Children return to school With kind regards Mrs M Shipton