September 2019 Newsletter

Sept. 16, 2019, 10:03 a.m.

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope all of you had an enjoyable summer break. A warm welcome to our new pupils and families – we hope that you will be very happy here. In the meantime, if there is anything that we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would also like to extend a welcome to our new members of staff – Miss Conboy, Miss Simbanda and Mr Pharamond.

Our new class arrangements are as follows:

Old Class

New Class



3 Willow

Mrs Kemp


3 Palm

Miss Weller


3 Poplar

Miss Conboy

3 Holly

4 Holly

Mrs Bush

3 Maple

4 Maple

Mr Frith

3 Birch

4 Birch

Mr Steele

4 Ash

5 Ash

Mrs Cross/Mrs Sharma

4 Elm

5 Elm

Miss Simbanda

4 Oak

5 Oak

Miss Bryant

5 Pine

6 Pine

Mr Pharamond

5 Cedar

6 Cedar

Mr Hackett

5 Fir

6 Fir

Mrs Marshall

5 Beech

6 Beech

Mr Fowles



The children have returned looking very smart and ready for school – thank you! Just a few polite reminders.

School shoes - All pupils are required to wear plain black shoes which are suitable for school.

Jewellery – Pupils are not allowed to wear earrings or any other jewellery to school with the exception of watches which may be worn to help with time keeping.

Nail Polish - Girls are not to wear nail varnish to school, please ensure that this is always removed before coming to school.

Hair – Long hair (both girls & boys) should be tied back

Uniform and lunch boxes – Please ensure that all school uniform, P.E. kits and lunchboxes are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Mobile phones - Your child should only bring a mobile phone to school if they have a valid reason for doing so. All phones must be handed in to a member of staff on the gate in the morning & collected from Mrs Marshall, who will be outside the library, at the end of the day.

Learning Mentor

Our Learning Mentor, Mrs Wells, is happy to help if your child has any worries or concerns about school or friendship groups. Pupils can write a note and place it in the worry box at school if they wish to see Mrs Wells or let their teacher know. Mrs Wells is usually at the school gate in Salisbury Road each morning before school and each evening at dismissal time should parents or carers wish to speak to her. She can also be contacted by phoning the school office.

Homework Diaries and Informal Parents’ Meeting

The children have all received a copy of the School Diary. Please read through the Home/School Agreement with your child. This sets out the responsibilities of pupils, parents and the school. We ask that you sign the relevant section. Pupils are asked to bring their diary to school each day as it will be used to record their reading (both at home and in school) as well as their homework. Teachers or parents may also use the book to communicate messages. We will be holding Informal Parents Meetings (please see diary dates below) so that parents can meet with their child’s new class teacher and year group team to learn about expectations, topics for the term and any special events or arrangements for the year group. If you are able to, we would strongly encourage you to attend.

School Blog


If you have not yet had a look at our school blog, please make the time to do so. The blog is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in school, including photos from key events. There are a number of posts already with more being added all the time. To access the blog, please go the main page of our school website and click on the School Blog tab.


Attendance and Punctuality

As a school, we work hard to promote good attendance and punctuality. Children are able to come into school from 8:30am. Teachers will be in their classrooms from this time and will have work on the board for the children to complete. This will often be work to support or recap previous learning. The time may also be used by staff to hear pupils read or to address misconceptions. We would therefore strongly urge pupils to be in school at this time if at all possible. If children arrive after 8:50, they will be marked as late. Parents of pupils who are persistently late may be asked to attend a meeting with myself and the Education Welfare Officer.

We have had a number of requests already this term for a leave of absence during term time. In most cases this has been for the purpose of a family holiday. We would kindly ask that parents/carers refrain from taking their children out of school. When children are not in school, they miss vital lessons which inevitably affects their understanding of key concepts. When they return to school, they often find it difficult to catch up. We realise that this is often a cheaper time to travel but we hope that parents will support the school in our goal to ensuring that all pupils make the best possible progress and meet their full potential.



School drop off

We would like to kindly ask that you refrain from parking on zig zag lines both at the front and the back of the school. The lines are there to protect our pupils so that they may enter school safely. Your cooperation would be much appreciated.


Dates for the Diary




6 Fir & 6 Pine to Tate Gallery


Yr 3 to Hylands Park


6 Cedar & 6 Beech to Tate Gallery


Yr 4 Informal Parents Meeting at 9am


Yr 6 Informal Parents Meeting at 9am


Yr 5 Informal Parents Meeting at 9am


Yr 3 Informal Parents Meeting at 9am


Online safety police talk for parents at 9am






Y3 to Gidea Park Library


Y6 Height & Weight Measurements


Yr 3 Harvest Assembly to Parents at 2.15pm


Yr 3 Harvest Assembly to Parents at 9.05am


End of topic celebration at 2pm – all years – parents invited

Individual Photos


Yr 6 Shakespeare workshop


Yr 6 Shakespeare workshop

21st – 25th

Half Term

28th Oct – 1st Nov

Y5 Bikeability






Flu Immunisations (details to follow)

Open Evening 3.30pm – 5pm


Open Evening 3.30pm – 6.30pm


Yr 6 to Millfield Theatre






Yr 4 Christmas play to parents at 2pm


Yr 4 Christmas play to parents at 6.30pm


End of topic celebration at 2pm – all years – parents invited


Yr 5 Carols in the playground at 3pm


Yr 6 Carols in the playground at 3pm


Yr 3 Carols in the playground at 3pm


Last day of term



January 2020



Inset Day (School Closed)


Children return to school





17th – 21st

Half Term






Yr 5 to Stubbers






Last day of term


Children return to school






May Day (school closed)


Inset Day (school closed)

25th – 29th May

Half Term










Last Day of term