Forum Minutes

Minutes of the Parent Forum held on Friday 16th May 2017

Oct. 12, 2017

Minutes of Parent Forum Meeting 16th May 2017 Attendance 3 Parents Mrs Shipton Mrs Collins 1. Mrs Shipton handed out a copy of the Ofsted Key Actions from the October Inspection and gave an update on actions taken. She explained that the school’s focus was on Maths after last year’s results in Year 6. There is also an emphasis on improving ...

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Minutes of Parent Forum Meeting 23rd March 2017

June 14, 2017

Attendance 5 Parents Mrs Shipton Mrs Drewett 1. Mrs Shipton informed parents that two of the Local Authority’s school improvement advisors had visited the school on Tuesday 7th March to carry out an LA review. Mrs Shipton ran through what the inspection involved. Overall, advisors were satisfied that the school was taking appropriate acti...

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Minutes of the Parent Forum held on Friday 20th January 2017

Feb. 8, 2017

Relaying information about pupil progress. Parents are invited into school to meet the teacher at the start of the Academic year. At this meeting the teacher goes through the class timetable for the coming year. In October and February parents are invited to a Parent Consultation meeting to discuss their child’s progress and an end of year re...

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Minutes of the Parent Forum Meeting held on Friday 11th November 2016

Nov. 11, 2016

1. How well does the school communicate your child’s progress? The school’s plans to improve and parent feedback. This week’s parents evenings was the first opportunity for the parents of Year 3 pupils to gauge how well they felt the school communicates progress. The school now uses a new assessment package called ‘Compass’. The system produc...

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Minutes of the Parent Forum held on Friday 30th September 2016

Sept. 30, 2016

Anti-bullying Policy Our school’s Anti-bullying policy is currently being reviewed and once it is approved by Governors will be published on our website. This meeting is an opportunity for us to discuss with parents how bullying is dealt with in school. Our aim is to ensure that our school is safe and secure for all children. In February we ...

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