What is Instagram?

Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. You can take a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. Instagram is built to allow you to experience moments in your friends' lives through pictures as they happen. Instagram attempts to create a world which is more connected through photos.

How do I Protect my Privacy?

Instagram has a simple privacy setting: you either share your posts with anyone (a public account) or only share with people whom you have approved to follow you (a private account). We encourage people to think before they share, whether they have a private or public account.

Who can Follow me?

If you have a public account, anyone can follow you and see your posts. If you have a private account, you have to approve every request to follow you and people will only be able to see your photos or videos if you approve them as a follower.

Every so often, it's helpful to take a look at your followers and do a spring cleaning of sorts.

If you'd like to remove someone that is following you, you can block them.

How to Share with a Select Group of your Followers

Instagram Direct lets you send a photo or video to a select group of people. Posts won't appear in Feed, search or your Profile. Posts sent with Instagram Direct can't be shared through Instagram to other sites like Facebook or Twitter. You also can't tag people or use hashtags in these shared posts.

To send photos/videos with Instagram Direct:

Take a new photo/video or upload one from your camera roll.

Add optional effects, filters and a caption.

Tap "Direct". You'll see some features appear in green when you're using Instagram Direct.

Tap the names of people you want to send the post to (up to 15 people).

Tap "Send".

How Do I Block and Delete?

How to Block Someone

When you block someone, they cant't see your profiler posts.

To block or unblock someone;

1. Go to their profile by finding them in your followers list or by searching for their name or username.
2. Tap their username to open their profile and then tap options.
3. Tap "Block User".

To unblock someone, follow the steps above and then tap "Unblock User".

How to Delete Comments

You can delete comments you've made, including photo or video captions, as well as comments other people have left on your posts.

To delete a comment or caption:


1. Tap Comment below the photo.
2. Swipe to the left over the comment or caption you'd like to delete.
3. Tap and then choose if you want to Delete or Delete and Report Abuse.


1. Tap below the photo.
2. Tap the comment or caption you want to delete.
3. Choose if you want to "Delete Comment" or "Delete Comment and Report Abuse"

How Do I Report a Problem?

If you see something that's not following Instagram's Community Guidelines (ex. nudity or self-harm), you can report a photo or video right from the Instagram app or when you see it on instagram.com:

1. Tap "..."(iPhone & Windows Phone) or "Vertical Dots" (Android) below the post.
2. Tap Report Inappropriate
3. Select why you're reporting the post

If you want to report someone that is impersonating you or someone you know, you can do that right from the Instagram app.

1. Go to their profile by finding them in your followers list or by searching for their name or username.
2. Tap their username to open their open their profile and then tap the options button.
3. Tap Report Inappropriate.
4. Select "I believe this account violates Instagram's community guidelines" to report an account.

How do you Deactivate your Account?

When you delete your account, your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers will be permanently removed.

To delete your account:

1. Log into instagram.com from a computer.
2. Click your username in the top right and then select "Edit Profile".
3. Click "I'd like to delete my account" in the bottom right.

Keep in mind that we can't reactivate your account, and you can't sign up with the same username again after the account has been deleted. If you don't want to delete your account but want to change who can see it, you can set your posts to private or block people.