What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site with over 288 million users!

The big appeal with Twitter is how rapid and quick the tweets come in, meaning there is nearly always something new to read: you can track hundreds of interesting tweeters, and read their content with a glance, even celebrities and public figures.

One of the big differences from the other major social networking sites is, you only have 140 characters to use per tweet, this means you have to choose your words very carefully, or just tweet and tweet and tweet...

It also promotes focused and clever use of language making tweets interesting and easy to read, as well as challenging to write.

Twitter is a popular public platform used by many to express themselves, share stories, pictures and articles on the net. It can be a place people can find support, friends, jokes and much more.

Unfortunately like anything, it is not always used for good and that's why we have given the information below to help keep you safe.

How do I Protect my Privacy

When you set up a Twitter account it is automatically set to "Public", this means that anyone can see your Tweets, even if they don't follow you; even if they don't have a Twitter account. You can "Protect" your tweets, which means anyone who doesn't follow you would need to, in order to see your tweets.

To check if your account is public or private take these steps;

1. Login to Twitter
2. Click on your small profile pic next to the search bar.
3. Click on "Settings" and choose "Security and Privacy" in the left menu.
4. Scroll down to the "Privacy" section. If you want to be private tick "protect my tweets", if you want your account to be public, make sure it is not ticked.

In this section you can also choose who you want to be able to tag you in photos.

Who Can See My Tweets?

If you have chosen to protect your tweets, only the people that follow you can see them. If you have chosen not to, anyone can view your tweets, unless you have blocked them.

Who can Follow me?

My Followers

If you have chosen to "Protect your tweets" you will receive a notification when someone has requested to follow you. This allows you to choose whether to "accept" or "decline" their follow.

If you have chosen not to protect your tweets, anyone can follow you (unless you have previously booked them) and you will receive a notification indicating that they have started following you.

Who am I Following?

If you are looking to follow a celebrity you like, Twitter has made it easy for you.

How to Report Something?


If someone has posted something that you don't think should be on Twitter (please read the Twitter rules) but you don't want to report the person who posted it; follow these steps:

1. Click on the "..." next to the favourite star (on the Tweet).
2. Select "Report" from the drop down menu.
3. Choose what type of report and follow the steps provided.

If you don't want to see the post on your timeline but don't think it warrants a report, you can use the "Mute" option to hide the post.

If you want to report a Twitter user you need to;

1. Go to their profile and click on the "gear icon" next to the "follow" button.
2. Click "Report", and then select what type of report you would like to make.

If you are reporting something or someone for being violent or threatening, you will receive an email form from Twitter confirming your report, making it easier and clearer for law enforcement, should you wish to make it a police matter. You don't have to be following someone to report them or their tweet.

Unfollow or Delete Content?


If you no longer wish to follow someone you can unfollow them by going to their Twitter profile, click the "Following" button and you will automatically "unfollow". If you still want to follow someone but don't want to see their tweets; click the "gear icon" on their profile and select "Mute", you can "un-mute" at any time.

If you don't think unfollowing them is enough you also "Block a user". Click the "gear icon" on their page and select "Block". This means that the user will no longer be able to follow or message you.

It's goof practice to occasionally look through your followers and have a spring clean. If you no longer know someone or don't want them seeing your tweets, then it's good to remove them - it's easy to forget who's following you.

Deleting Content

If you would like to delete a post you created, all you need to do is click on the "..." next to the favourite star on the post and click delete. This works for any tweet or re-tweet. If you have "Favourited" something but didn't want to, you just have to click the "star" again to un-favourite.

How do you Deactivate your Account?

Before you deactivate your account you should know; Twitter keeps your data for 30 days, after which it will be permanently deleted. You can re-activate your account in this 30 day period just by logging in. If you want to have a Twitter account after 30 days of de-activating your account you will have to start from scratch.

To deactivate your account;

1. Log in to Twitter
2. Click on your small profile picture(top corner) and select "Settings".
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Deactivate account".
4. Read the account deactivation information.
5. Select "Okay, fine, deactivate account".
6. Enter your password for the account when prompted and verify that you want to deactivate your account.