School Trips

Dear Parent/ Carer,



Monday 25th June - They arrived safely at 1pm 

All arrived fine and straight into activities. Very warm so they have been drinking lots of water and they are all shattered - so fingers crossed we get a good night's sleep!

Tuesday 26th June

Write up of day 2 by Maisie and Phoebie

When we arrived at PGL we ate lunch and went straight to do some activities.

So far, my group have done zip wire, climbing, canoeing, crate challenge, aeroball and vertical challenge.

It was so much fun!!‚Äč

Some things have looked really scary, but when you have a go, it is awesome!


In the afternoon we had a delicious dinner. Then we went back to our rooms and got changed into our evening clothes.

We then did some fun evening  activities, then we finally went to our bedrooms to sleep!

Thursday 28th June 2018

Had a lovely last day joining in a range of activities from Jacobs ladder, Abseiling, Obstacle course and Sensory trail. After dinner children have split into 2 groups - half going off to play Capture the flag and half  staying in the lounge to watch the England game!

Looking forward to our own comfy beds tomorrow!



We will be leaving Liddington after breakfast at approximately 10.00am and should be back at school at approximately 1.15-1.30pm at the Brentwood Road entrance. 

We will contact the school en route to give up to date information about our expected time of arrival.  If we are likely to be delayed, Mrs Shipton will send a message round to parents via Parentmail.

If all is going well you should try to be outside the school gates on time. 

If there is an emergency at home and you need to contact us, please telephone Mrs Shipton

on 01708 446472 (school) and she will contact us immediately.

Alternatively, if we need to contact you I have a complete list of telephone numbers and will call you immediately.

Would you please ensure that the telephone number(s) that the school has for you is/are correct.

If you change a number between now and June 25th LET US KNOW

A TYPICAL DAY                                                           



07.00 - 09.00

Get up, get ready and fuel up for the day ahead

09.15 - 12.30

Morning activities - usually 2 sessions with a 15 minute refreshment break

12.30 - 14.00

Dry off & clean up. Time for a fresh & tasty two-course hot lunch

14.15 - 17.30

Afternoon activities - 2 exciting sessions with a 15 minute refreshment break

18.00 - 19.00

Time to eat again - a different menu each day

19.00 - 21.00

Talent shows, campfires, quizzes and more. The evening entertainment programme keeps you laughing until bedtime.

21.00 / 21.30

Bedtime. Catch up on some zzz's and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow! SLEEP!!!!!




Each group will comprise of 11/12 children with an assigned adult from Squirrels Heath Junior School

All activities will be led by staff from PGL.


Children will be in rooms sleeping a maximum of 6.

Adult accommodation is on the same floor –we have our own rooms and won’t be sharing with the pupils but we will be patrolling and available 24/7.

Children are now choosing who they wish to share with – this will then be approved or amended by the class teachers.

Children must not bring any electrical devices with them. This includes mobile phones.
We will update you every day, via Parentmail, so that you know how they are getting on.

Treat each other with respect at all times regardless of race, religion, age or gender.

Keep your accommodation clean and tidy at all times and report any damage found to Reception.

Always turn up on time for activity sessions and meal times.  Failure to do so could lead to delays in the restaurant and less time on activities.

You must follow the direction of the PGL member of staff on each session, and never do anything to compromise your own or anybody else’s safety on sessions.

Never use any equipment or activity area unless you have been given permission or unless a qualified instructor is present.

Do not disturb any other guest or staff member by being loud or noisy during the early hours of the morning or late at night.

Abide by the country code and treat all areas of the centre with respect.

Use the litter bins provided at all times and never throw litter on the ground.


Children should be reminded that they will be representing their family and their school.  Good behaviour is expected at all times.  It is extremely important that they are polite and respectful to the instructors at the Centre and that they listen carefully to instructions.


Thank you

And thank you to: Mrs Robson, Mrs Atkinson, Mr Hackett, Miss Black, Mrs Pittuck and Mrs Ali for giving up their time.


Yours sincerely 

Mrs Marshall