Spelling Award Scheme

12th September 2018

Dear Parents

Spelling Award Scheme 2018

At Squirrels Heath Junior we like to recognise the children’s efforts and achievements and are therefore pleased to introduce our new Spelling Award Scheme this year. 

Using assessment results from last academic year, we have identified spelling, punctuation and grammar in pupils' writing as a target for improvement this year. To support with this, we would like to introduce a new spelling award system designed to motivate pupils and reward them for learning the key words for their year group.

Children will have the opportunity to work through the different colour levels showing their ability to learn a range of spellings. This encourages the children to practise key skills and once a level is achieved they will earn themselves an award.  

 We will select an appropriate colour for your child to begin with and their list will be handed out this week. Each year group will start at a level based on age related expectations. Some pupils may begin on a different level according to their ability.This list is theirs to learn, at home, this half term alongside their weekly spelling lists which are given to learn and practise individual spelling patterns. Parents are encouraged to support their children learning these at home. Your child will be tested in the penultimate week of this half term and results will be sent home the following week.

Your child's teacher will explain this more at your child's Informal Parents Meetings next week.

If you have any questions please come and see me.

Thank you once again for all your support,

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Marshall

Assistant Head/Literacy lead